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Industrial Automation Solutions

Smart Manufacturing

Modular, scalable designs to tightly integrate the process controllers and operator interfaces are our specialty.

Our goal is to meet performance requirements while also building in reduced total ownership cost: testing, maintenance, and future capacity.

S88 Batch

Defining an S88 model for your equipment and processes frees the flow of data between the business requirements and discrete automation control.

Quality control, batch analysis, and logging of process execution is the first step to feedback best practices for increased production.


Reduce validation testing time by automating test generation and execution.

Our experience in regulated environments results in designs mindful of validation upfront. Maintain traceability from design, code development, to operational qualification.

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A Focus on Secure Automation

Reduce the time and effort to secure and validate processes and data integrity with our technology to reduce entire design process from User Requirements to Operational Qualification.

Maintain both design and validation documents in a single database. Changes to the design are automatically updated in the requirements specification, test forms, and audit log.

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About Lucid

Lucid Automation and Security delivers production critical, technically-difficult industrial automation and network projects on time.

By tackling engaging projects, creating measurable value, and making our client partners look good, we are cultivating an environment in which our employees and partners are proud to associated.

An employee-owned company located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lucid primarily services the local biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

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