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Data Acquisition and Analytics

Scalable Database

Robust, secure, and scalable database architectures to address the wide application of data collection, analytics, and consolidation.

Extend the life and power of legacy systems with consolidating and optimizing of data retrieval by migrating to current platform. virtualization and thin clients.

Process Historian

Historical Data Collection, Analysis, Timely Reporting, and Audit records to stake holders is the core of regulated biopharma industry.

We have your Data Integrity solutions leveraging OSI Pi, FT Historian, InSQL, or customized solution to your use.

Asset Management

Facility-wide and enterprise-wide views into asset performance, unplanned shutdowns, and optimization of maintenance resources can help increase production.

Provide data that informs and improves efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Productivity Grows With Data

Diverse, structured and unstructured data from sensor networks, social networks, documents can be leveraged to identify issues and opportunities not possible via traditional tools and techniques.

Learn how we can apply data structure, warehousing, mining and analysis, pattern recognition, trends analysis, data relevancy, data modeling, to your facility.

About Lucid

Lucid Automation and Security delivers production critical, technically-difficult industrial automation and network projects on time.

By tackling engaging projects, creating measurable value, and making our client partners look good, we are cultivating an environment in which our employees and partners are proud to associated.

Employee owned and located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lucid primarily services the local biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

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